Glass Block Showers

Custom Showers and Shower Kits

Eastern Glass Block offers the customer the option to experience the beauty and benefits of glass block showers in their custom shower design; or to install the cost effective and complete glass block shower kits that have the look of a custom shower without the installation hassle.

Below are images of custom showers taking advantage of all the benefits of glass block, such as the effective use of light, stain resistance, and durability. (Read further to see the alternative of a Glass Block Shower System.)

Glass Block Shower Kits

“The Custom Look Without The Custom Hassle

glass block Shower

Shower kits and custom designs

Get ready to be introduced to the greatest advance in bathroom showers since hot water. New Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Shower Systems make it easier and more cost-effective than ever for you to bring the impact of a bright, beautiful glass block shower into your bathroom designs. So you get all the beauty of a custom-built glass block shower — without the “custom” hassle.

Glass Block Shower Kit Standard Fit

Walk-in Glass Block ShowerFor something called “Standard Fit,” it’s quite a revolutionary idea. Our new Standard Fit Glass Block Shower is sized right to fit any bathroom. So, whether you’re replacing an existing tub or adding a new shower to your home, the Pittsburgh Corning Standard Fit Glass Block Shower, available in three installation kits, is the perfect fit.

Click Here to View Left Drain

Standard Fit Shower Schematic

Click Here to View Right Drain

Standard Fit Shower Schematic

Walk in Glass Block Shower

Walk-in Glass Block Shower With A SeatFor a truly astounding shower design, step out of the ordinary and step into the beautiful Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Walk-In Shower. A dramatic addition to any bathroom, the Walk-In Shower adds a level of elegance and luxury that today’s discerning homeowner wants.

Click Here to View Right Entry Walk-In Shower Schematic

Click Here to View Left View Walk-In Shower Schematic

Standard Colors

White and Biscuit colors are in stock and are ready to ship.


All Pittsburgh Corning Shower Systems are designed to include:

  • Premiere Series Glass Block Providing
    • Timeless beauty and practicality
    • Durability and ease of maintenance
  • Customized Acrylic Base
    • Designed to accommodate and support glass block
    • Installed like traditional shower bases to help reduce installation time and labor coordination
    • Stain resistant, durable, easy to clean
  • Doors
    • Preselected to fit and install with the shower systems
  • Detailed Installation Instructions and Bill of Materials to Simplify Ordering and Installation

Glass Block Shower Installation Options

Now you can choose either Mortar Installation or the new ProVantage™ Glass Block Installation System. The ProVantage™ Glass Block Installation System is a mortar-less method that incorporates a special spacer system and joint finish to make it easier than ever before to build beautiful glass block walls and showers.

So take a look through this section, and see how new Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Shower Systems can give your next bathroom design the custom look you want without the custom installation hassle you can do without.

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